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DC Sunday Jam History

by Ken Manheimer last modified Nov 27, 2012 04:59 PM
The Sunday DC jam has been happening just about every week since before 1982.

DC Jam Early Days - WPA building

Robin Gilmore, Nov 27, 2012: Look what showed up during a purge of old file cabinets (the old fashioned metal kind)... almost live from 7th St., circa 1982, it's Robin, Roger, another Robin and someone whose name escapes me. Check out Roger's Tom Selleck look!

Roger Neece, Nov 27, 2012:

The  studio space was at 407 7th ST, NW, the old Washington Project for the Arts (WPA) building.  I had a shared studio with Murray Spaulding (now in NYC doing her "mandala" work), and we split the 7th floor with Eric Hampton's ballet studio.  We all mucked it out from 18" of pigeon guano, laid a floor (Alex?) and danced there for 3 years.  I think that the other Robin is Robin Bowie?  Cannot remember/ID the other woman in the pic.  David Appel and I shared teaching duties,  twice a week.  We moved into this space after being at GWU for 2 years, then we were on to using space with Liz Lerman at her old Landsburgh department store loft.

Since then, the DC jam has been at several places along the way, including two substantial tenures at St. James' Church parish hall in Northeast DC, American University, Glen Echo Park, Joe's Movement Emporium in Mt. Ranier, MD, and George Washington University.

The jam returned to Church of St. James and St. Monica parrish hall as of October 29, 2006, and is continuing there for the forseeable future.

On the first sunday of almost every month since December of 2003 the Sunday jam has practiced Nancy Stark Smith's Underscore, which has helped the jam thrive.

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