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Myriadicity Migrated

by Ken Manheimer last modified Aug 20, 2011 05:49 PM
Consolidated my portal sites on a single, up-to-date application server installation. Yay!

All of's content has been migrated to the most recent version of Plone, 4.0.7. The migration has come with a sweeping consolidation, reducing the amount of application servers versions (and, for the moment, actually installations, aside from development versions) I have to run from three to one.

  • I've transitioned from three Plone installs to a single, very recent Plone version, 4.0.7
    • Most of the myriadicity content was in an old Plone version (2.1) with ZWiki. ZWiki provided some unique opportunities at the time, but it has come to languish, and was restricting me from some new Plone features that have leapfrogged ZWiki. Extracting the pages from ZWiki allows far greater freedom, functionality, and far less maintenance challenge.
    • One site, the satellite-events site i created for the 2008 ci36 gathering, included custom software. The site needed to be retained for the sake of historical record and reference, but does not need to sustain any ongoing changes. Thanks to GNU wget's comprehensive provisions, I could turn it into an entirely static copy, retaining almost full non-editing functionality, so that history can be preserved with no ongoing need to solve new technical problems.
    • I was able to consolidate management of myriadicity with that for, which I also develop and run, further reducing the complexity of my maintenance to just a one production and one development installation of a single Plone version. Yay!
  • Thanks to Plone's terrific builtin object aliasing provisions, and the convenience of a central configlet afforded by Products.RedirectionTool, the old page addresses are mapped onto the new pages, all in different locations. This allowed a lot of freedom to rethink things, and in some cases substantially reorganize, without breaking the incoming links from other sites that some people and other sites depend upon (and which place in the search indexes).
  • That reorganization was part of a general, much needed gardening effort, to reorganize, put aside extraneous stuff, and polish some rough edges from what was retained. Things like the very nice collective.portlet.explore widget make navigation of the site more clear and apparent, making up in various ways for the loss of my ZWiki organizing provisions (sigh).

I have more work to do to finish getting my rèsumè together, so I can help others use and adapt systems like this to full benefit, but I'm very happy to have made this migration.


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