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Recent Changes

by Ken Manheimer last modified Aug 22, 2011 10:48 AM
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Updated roster of site items, most recently modified first.

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Title Item Type Modification Date Description
Silly Craft Page Aug 08, 2020 02:31 PM Funny, feeble, and farfetched stuff.
A small selection of Steven Wright jokes Page Jul 06, 2020 04:17 PM I am in awe of Steven Wrights ability to deliver pithy jokes that walk the line between sense an nonsense so fluidly that you often get to notice that moment before you get it.
Real Faith Page Jun 24, 2020 10:09 AM My primary article of faith: Reality Exists. Duh.
The Finger Dance Page Jun 08, 2020 09:07 AM A Contact Improvisation exercise that presents a nearly ideal opportunity to practice following a point of contact.
Quotes Collection Page May 18, 2020 07:20 PM Pithy quotes appeal to my yearning for clarity. Here are some of my favorites, organized around themes.
Poetry Page Apr 27, 2020 11:22 AM Sometimes I want say more than I am able. And sometimes when I try I wind up with more than I expect.
Respecting Boundaries Page Apr 18, 2020 11:23 AM Contact Improvisation and open ensemble movement improv are based around mutual cooperation rather than control. To work well they depend on respect for one another's boundaries, which we describe here. Please read, to help foster a healthy and safe jam!
Steve Paxton's 1977 Small Dance Guidance Page Mar 22, 2020 12:16 PM Notes taken from Steve Paxton's class in February 1977, during ReUnion’s teaching/performing tour of Contact Improvisation on the West Coast. Throughout the tour, the members of the 1977 ReUnion (Nita Little, Lisa Nelson, Steve Paxton, Curt Siddall, Nancy Stark Smith, and David Woodberry) transcri...
"Myriadicity" Page Feb 11, 2020 04:13 PM I like depth, but sometimes need to widen my focus, notice more of what's around. I use "myriadicity" to refer to the abundance of the world, around and within, to be discovered.
The Exam Page Aug 02, 2019 07:25 PM Instructions: Read each question carefully. Answer all questions. Time limit -- 4 hours. Begin immediately.
Page Jun 20, 2019 06:31 PM
Welcome to Ken Manheimer's Website Collage Jun 20, 2019 06:31 PM I use this site to make stuff available in a lasting way, including work-related stuff and also casual musings and explorations. I try to be clear about which is which.
WebLog Page Jun 20, 2019 06:23 PM
WebLog Folder Jun 20, 2019 06:23 PM
A Description: What Is Contact Improvisation? Page Apr 22, 2019 03:54 PM CI is a cooperative movement game organized around a very simple premise. It offers an opportunity for extraordinarily deep and immediate physical collaborative play just for the sake of play.
Solo Contact Improv? Page Mar 12, 2019 01:00 PM Being able actively explore the CI way of moving at a jam while you're not partnering can enhance your experience, including helping with your availability and readiness for partnering. Exploring this idea over time, I've found ways to do this that evokes the state of alertness and engagement which ...
CI Sharing Balance Page Feb 26, 2019 11:30 AM Sharing balance with another person means cooperating in a fundamental, organic way.
Partings Collage Image Feb 25, 2019 08:01 PM Gathering with friends at the home of one who had been doing collage for years, we spent an evening creating our own collages. I came up with this one, informed if not inspired by sadness I was grappling with in recent parting from a several-year romantic relationship. I found that the piece did jus...
What People Do At Jams Page Feb 07, 2019 01:51 PM Here are some touch-points that may help in finding your way at Contact Improv jams.
The DC Jam's (Nearly) Monthly Underscore Page Feb 04, 2019 10:59 AM
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