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Recent Changes

by Ken Manheimer last modified Aug 22, 2011 10:48 AM
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Updated roster of site items, most recently modified first.

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Title Item Type Modification Date Description
Learning Contact Improvisation Folder Jan 28, 2023 03:06 AM Learning CI hinges on being able to tune in to and go with what is happening within yourself, with your partner, and around your partnership. While the fundamental premise - mutually following points of contact between you - is elementary, what works and what doesn't isn't easy to identify because i...
Software and Systems Development Collection Jan 24, 2023 03:40 AM I am a software and systems developer engaged by the challenges of making stuff that enables people to do what they need easily. I am particularly interested in how to organize information to support group coordination and collaboration.
A Description: What Is Contact Improvisation? Page Jan 23, 2023 04:30 PM CI is a kind of dance that is organized more like a game than a pattern. The premise of the game is exploration of movement cooperation in which the playing dancers mutually follow the points of contact shared between them. It offers an opportunity for very immediate and engaging physical play for t...
Organizing Connections Collection Jan 10, 2023 08:39 AM Potential for unlimited cooperation depends on sharing the process of organizing information and not just sharing of the subject details.
Ken Manheimer on Real Faith Comment Jun 24, 2020 10:09 AM I see described in this article nifty examples of the kinds of errors that litter scientific process, not as an indictment of systematic failure but [...]
Slight Counterbalance Page Jun 27, 2022 03:44 PM A Contact Improvisation exercise that conveys the sense of a kinesthetic connection with a partner by sharing your center of gravity, and thereby sharing your collective dynamic balance.
Fundamental Contact Improvisation Skills Page Jun 26, 2022 07:27 PM Learning to coordinate connected to someone else is as multi-faceted as learning to coordinate with yourself. What skills are useful?
An Online Movement-based Accumulation Score Page Jun 10, 2022 04:16 PM Paying attention to others through a screen adds to the challenge inherent in collaborative improvisation of paying attention to yourself and to others at the same time. This score is organized in a way that fosters combining inward and outward attention.
Fundamental Contact Improvisation Skills Page May 24, 2022 05:14 PM Learning to coordinate connected to someone else is as multi-faceted as learning to coordinate with yourself. What skills are useful?
The Finger Dance Page May 24, 2022 04:08 PM A Contact Improvisation exercise that presents a kind of idealized opportunity to practice following a point of contact.
An Online Contemplative Movement Score Page May 14, 2022 10:20 AM Barbara Dilley developed a shared dance/meditation practice called Contemplative Dance Practice – CDP, a "dancer's meditation hall". I've been exploring adaptation of this score for online sharing. The aim is to share meditation and movement across the gap of social distancing.
Quotes Collection Page Mar 02, 2022 09:19 AM Pithy quotes appeal to my yearning for clarity. Here are some of my favorites, organized around themes.
CI Different From and Similar To Partner Dance Page Feb 28, 2022 12:21 PM Preparing to teach at a large dance festival with people who practice other kinds of partner dance, I wanted to alert them to different orientations, inherent in CI, that can lead to similar satisfactions.
About Contact Improvisation Page Feb 28, 2022 12:09 PM In CI, partners discover their dance by mutually following shared points of contact. How does that work? Here's my enthusiastic perspective.
Welcome to Ken Manheimer's Website Collage Jan 09, 2022 02:01 PM I use this site to make my stuff available in a lasting way, including work-related efforts and also casual musings and explorations. I try to be clear about which is which.
Contact Improvisation Collection Oct 04, 2021 06:09 PM I love this dance/sport, especially spontaneous and very engaging cooperation that can happen.
Elementary Online Meditation and Personal Movement Practice Page Oct 26, 2020 01:46 PM
Exploring Collaborative Movement Improv Online Page Oct 20, 2020 01:38 PM During the COVID-19 quarantine I've been exploring online ways to maintain the skills and enjoyment of sharing improvised movement. Here are some scores that I've tried and like, and also some logistical info for those interested in participating in these as ongoing practices. In the process of expl...
Finding Solo Movement Inspiration in Small Changes Page Oct 10, 2020 06:56 PM Contact Improvisation offers extraordinary opportunities to explore movement cooperation with others and with oneself. I've been curious a question about how to find in solo moving the kind of inspiration that can come from dancing with others. I had been exploring a practice for a long time before ...
Ken Manheimer on An Online Contemplative Movement Score Comment Oct 05, 2020 04:34 PM On April 5, 2020, after trying the score a few times, I added the following comment to my initial writeup of the description. In it [...]
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