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Editing Composite (Collage) Pages

by admin last modified Jul 09, 2011 03:23 PM
Collage pages provide for including different kinds of complete content objects within a single page.
  • Use the Edit tab to edit the title and description of the object, and adjust settings. (This is how it works for many composite content objects, like folders and collections.)
  • To access the contained objects, use the Compose tab.

    In the Compose tab:
    • There is an alternating vertical sequence of Row and Column entries
    • The Row and Column entries can be relocated with respect to their siblings using theirarrow controls.
    • Each Column entry can be associated with a content object, directly below it, using theCreate control.
    • Use the Edit control for a content items associated with a Column entry to change the content item. Use the View control to get a view by which you can change the content item's publication or sharing status, perform other actions on it, and also drop into editing it. (The Edit control is essentially a shortcut.) Similar for the other controls, except...
    • Use the Layout control to change the presentation of an item - try out the different ones to see the effects.
    • When done changing a particular item, its content views will include a Back to Collage link, to return to the Composition mode for the collage.
  • Don't forget to suitably adjust the publication state of the collage's constituent objects, or visitors to your collage might not see what you intend.
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