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Emacs Sundries

by Ken Manheimer last modified Oct 07, 2011 05:28 PM
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sundry tweaks for Emacs, the programmable programming editor.

(see also Emacs Allout for my extended Emacs outliner.)

Title Description
namedmarks.el Variations on set- and pop-mark commands for per-buffer marks with user-assigned names.
poptoshell.el pop-to-shell command conveniently gets you: 1. to the shell buffer, in a different window, if you're not already in one, else 2. to the shell input point, if you're already in a buffer with a shell process. i bind it to M-<space>, and hit that key pretty often because it often does what i want.
retain-copy.el Associate file-name patterns with locations for duplicate copies, and optional duplication filtering functions. Associated duplication and filtering are automatically performed when files with qualifying names are saved.
outdent.el Outline exposure and maneuvering based on text organized according to indentation depth. Useful for for python code as well as casual text outlines.
file-registry.el Commands to maintain a registry of commonly used files and to select amongst the registered files for editing.
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