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by Ken Manheimer last modified Aug 05, 2011 03:13 PM
History, most recent first:
  • Landmark changes of the getting plone + blobs in a working standalone instance section:

    19-Mar-2009 Thu: there's a report in the tracker issue of incompatibility with Plone 3.2. i have my buildout configured to use plone versions short of plone 3.2, and updated yesterday to discover that it appears to work fine with plone 3.1.7. i put the specifics for constraining your buildout to less than plone 3.2 in my issue reply.

    28-Sep-2008 Sun: switching to plone-3.x buildouts, rather than ploneout, since the former has become what supports.

    30-Nov-2007 Fri status: working, for ploneout checkout and probably easily adapted for plone-3.0 checkout

  • Landmark changes of the putting the "cluster" in "Plone3Cluster" section:

    22-Feb-2009 Sun - revised to reflect that blobs are no longer included in Database Size tally.

    28-Sep-2008 Sun - switching over to base our buildout on plone-3.x buildouts, instead of ploneout, since now depends on that (and has for a while now).

    i've adjusted the instructions and my custom versions of the buildout, dropping base.cfg and incorporating a "site.cfg" for distinct settings for separate clusters using a common buildout.cfg. see the new buildout.cfg, devel.cfg, and site.cfg.

    this documentation continues to get smaller as the base build process simplifies and requires fewer hand-editing interventions - hooray!

    click to expand/collapse many entries spanning 3-Dec-2007 to 31-Jul-2008:

    • 31-Jul-2008 Thu - the entry of the python package index includes a working ZEO buildout configuration as part of installation section. this obsoletes many of the twists and turns, below. you should start there, but might still find some of the details below illuminating.

    • 27-Mar-2008 Thu - i didn't know how to properly build with plone 3.1.

      see details on the problem and andi's response.

    • 18-Feb-2008 Mon added link to make standard file content types use ZODB BLOB support issue, and caught up on some pending general revisions to this account.

    • 12-Jan-2008 Sat added link to andi ziedler' cheeseshop entry. it has a fairly complete set of instructions, so it's now the primary reference instead of the tracker ticket.

    • 11-Jan-2008 Fri the [recipe-fixes] have been released, so we no longer need to maintain our own fixed versions of the recipes. plus, i've incorporated the (now available) shared-blob setting so the zeo clients avoid unnecessary zeo-protocol transmission of blobs to the server.

    • 2-Jan-2008 Wed included overlooked references to the manually checked-out plone recipes in [later, obsolete] ploneoutblobs_base.cfg develop = section.

    • 1-Jan-2007 Tue i've uploaded a patch to a zope.recipe.zope2instance bug report so that recipe extra-paths entries are turned into zope.conf path lines.

    • 31-Dec-2007 Mon adjusted the instructions to use the trunk recipes, and integrated provisions to use quills.

    • 30-Dec-2007 Sun hanno schlichting contributed some recipe fixes [recipe-fixes] on top of leo's and committed them to the trunk, so many of the zeo-related recipe shortcomings are settled in the trunk.

    • 29-Dec-2007 Sat leo rochael corrected blobs provisions in plone.recipe.zope2instance andplone.recipe.zope2zeoserver, relieving the need for many of the hand edits after the build! i've removed details about the now-obsolete measures - specifically, most of the post-build editing of both client's zope.conf and server's zeo.conf, and all the editing of the servers runzeo and zeoctl scripts.

      i adjusted [later, obsolete] ploneoutblobs_base.cfg to use leo's version of the recipes, and will soon update the versions i have on the site. (the essence is to add leo's branches to base.cfg's find-links, with entries like:

      i also added an "eggs =" line for each recipe - but don't know whether or not that's necessary.)

    • 25-Dec-2007 Tue looks like plone.recipe.zope2zeoserver's socket-name location was fixed, so we no longer need to workaround that with our own settings. change include [now obsolete] ploneoutblobs_base.cfg, to remove (incorrect, and now unnecessary) socket-name setting.

    • 10-Dec-2007 Mon andi checked in a fix for the buildout problem i mention below (8-Dec-2007)

    • 8-Dec-2007 Sat the ploneout buildout is temporarily failing. i've posted a description and effective, but uncertain, workaround in tracker comment 44

    • 7-Dec-2007 Fri re-corrected [now obsolete] ploneoutblobs_base.cfg, to remove cache-sizeentries - they're in the zope2instance and zope2zeoserver recipes, and only need be set if you want to override the defaults.

    • 3-Dec-2007 Sun status: zeo cluster described and working, including running with effective-user set.

  • about incorporating a third-party application with its own build

    i encountered a problem when trying to incorporatequills into my build. quills is delivered with a buildout of its own, but combining two plone buildouts can be hard. (in my experience, combining two buildouts, even if they differ only in just one feature or another, is like asking a foreign speaker to combine two separate edits of a book - one that is not in their native tongue. yikes! [buildout-challenges]) since quills is currently undergoing a major implementation shift, i want to be sure to integrate a particular version as i repeatedly rebuild the rest of the shifting system. this section will describe the measures in my buildout recipe for that.

    28-Sep-2008 Sun included plone 4 artists video and many other things

    31-Dec-2007 Mon included instructions for activating the quills parts of the buildout.

    29-Dec-2007 Sat starting to document this - the .cfg files and details are not yet incorporated in the account, but i do have working versions ready to upload

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