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by Ken Manheimer last modified Aug 03, 2011 07:03 PM
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The Web Services Gateway Interface is a specification for communications between and among web servers and web applications. It is officially stated in PEP 333 (a Python Enhancement Proposal), and it is a powerful basis for synthesizing web applications through the interconnection of components, over the web. It is complex, as are implementations of the specification in Plone. In my efforts (in March, 2010) to get a handle on all this, I needed better guides than i found, so started to develop my own. They may be useful to others.

Title Description
About Plone with WSGI Notes from exploring integration of Plone with WSGI, around March 2010, including an attempt to clearly describe WSGI.
WSGI Deliverance Synopsis A cheat sheet describing the WSGI deliverance_ filter, by which thematic layouts are imposed on pages from WSGI-aware python applications.
WSGI Plone Paste Config Notes about the python Paste configuration for the devel build of Plone with WSGI using Martin Aspelli's Plone 3.x Uber-Buildout
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