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Plone Application Development and Organization

by Ken Manheimer last modified Mar 26, 2012 09:22 AM
Plone is a very versatile web application platform. I have extensive Plone, Zope, and Python development and operational experience, and can help organizations use Plone well, including organizing existing installations, resolving operational and maintenance issues, and designing and implementing custom solutions.

Plone is much more than a content management system. It offers a versatile platform for developing web sites with extensive and diverse functionality, based on an advanced web-application development framework and an extensive ecosystem of available addon functionality. Implementing projects based on this platform requires care and attention to ensure maintainability and allow project evolution, as the project and the platform grow. I have broad and deep experience implementing and maintaining projects based in Plone, Zope, and Python, and can offer guidance and services across the range of project needs. This includes many kinds of services:

  • Design, develop, and deploy custom Plone projects, including developing custom addons and themes:
    • Requirements gathering and project development
    • Host/service commissioning
    • Application development, deployment, and lifecycle planning
  • Organize installations for enterprise and maintainability:
    • Implement ZEO - Zope Enterprise client/server database provision - for testing and debugging, as well as scaling
    • Operational Hygiene: ZODB snapshots for backups (repoze), automated database pruning, and tailoring online backup provisions
    • Configuration of rewriting and caching frontends
    • Organize build (buildout) configurations for maintainability:
      • Distinguish staging and production clusters, for controlled release of new configurations and additions
      • Provide for both separation of deployment specifics and sharing of common element
      • Ensure simple reconciliation with standard distributed arrangement, for easy upgrades
      • Implement provisions for ongoing development, including manageable develop/deploy release, configuration in source code management, etc
  • Upgrade and modify Plone, addons, and content, including assessment of and assistance with complications:
    • Migrate addon and content across minor and major Plone versions
    • Assist in identifying and integrating new addons
    • Assess and unravel problematic addons
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