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Platform Specialties - Python, Zope/Plone, Linux

by Ken Manheimer last modified Feb 28, 2012 12:17 PM

I have been involved in many aspects of application and web programming, including process and network programming; GUI and web user interfaces; encryption, text processing, and much more. Much has been based in dynamic high level languages, particularly Python, and Python-based platforms - I was a key Mailman developer, I contributed to the core implementation of Zope and the Zope CMF, I devised some fundamental Zope and Plone debugging techniques, and contributed some fundamental Python facilities, including designing and prototyping the Python hierarchical package facility. I implemented several central Zope applications, including many of those used at the time by Zope Corp. for collaboration with their customers and community.

Building substantial web applications also involved extensive web technology expertise, including deep use of HTML, CSS, javascript and DOM manipulation, structured text and advanced templates, AJAX, ATOM/RSS, as well as fundamental systems programming like systems internals, inter-process and network communications, and so on.

I also have extensive experience developing for and using the Plone content management platform.  See Plone Application Development and Organization for details.

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