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Interconnecting Groups of Details

There is a gap between the contained organization of details in a document on the web and the boundlessly intricate and haphazard interconnection of details between documents across the web. A comphrensively extensible means for organizing details within and between web sites can remedy gap, enabling easier discovery of the larger contexts to which the details belong, and progressive development of organizations of details, like collaborative news reporting on news stories that continually evolve as news developments emerge.
Evolving News: Turning Answers Into Stories
TAIS Principles
[old, early stabs at describing my rationale]
TAIS Orienting
Comprehensive Personal and Collaborative Information Management
[Stub document] A means for extensibly organizing details could serve as the basis for Personal Information Management (PIM) that encompasses and usefully interconnects all of the details you need to track, and allow for collaborative management of those details you need to share management of with others.
Interconnecting Content Types
pending ideas and details to incorporate in the exposition
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