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Learning Contact Improvisation

by Ken Manheimer last modified Nov 22, 2018 05:55 PM
Learning CI hinges on learning how to navigate and discover what works well in coordinating with another, and with yourself. While the fundamental premise of the practice - mutually following points of contact between you - is simple, what works and what doesn't can be obscured by the inherently collaborative nature of the activity. Having reliable bearings on which to focus can be helpful for navigating. We bring some of those bearings to the surface with fundamental exercises. What I've gathered here are some early pieces of a work-in-progress.

Fundamental Contact Improvisation Skills

Learning to coordinate connected to someone else is as multi-faceted as learning to coordinate with yourself. What skills are useful?

Fundamental Contact Improvisation Skills - Read More…

The Finger Dance

A Contact Improvisation exercise that presents a nearly ideal opportunity to practice following a point of contact.

The Finger Dance - Read More…

Slight Counterbalance

A Contact Improvisation exercise that conveys the sense of a fundamental kinesthetic connection with a partner by sharing your center of gravity with your partner, and thereby sharing your collective dynamic balance.

Slight Counterbalance - Read More…

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