Interconnecting Content Types


motto: "comprehensive interconnectability" - interconnecting groups of people and information

Organized-Interconnection Motives

federated interconnection across content types, affinity group clusters, platforms, etc.  eg, events, conversations, interests of various scopes

Zope/Plone content types

wiki pages and page sections, issue tracking items, mailing list messages, calendar events, news items, regular pages and page sections

Google PIM "content types

  • calendar entries and tasks should be organizable
    • Why can't appointments and tasks be google docs? And vice versa? What about emails - appointments/tasks and google docs? Google+?
    • Why can't we do project planning by interconnecting tasks and appointments (and other docs), creating relationships (sequential and compositional dependencies)? Would allow project management - activity and event sequences and dependencies, decision landmarks, etc.
    • Why can't we include references to contacts and contact addresses in calendar appointment location field, and body?
  • calendar entries and tasks with contact people and address locations
  • documents with everything
  • google+ / buzz
  • (google notebook and wave items - organizability lacks made them much less useful)

Outline information (allout, etc)

  • congruence within outlines - items that properly reside in multiple places
    • most everything does, eg:
      = me/home address <=> home addresses/me
      = project/system-feature/description <=> work-log/describe system-feature/description
      ... <=> version-log/.../system-feature/description/version ...
  • between outlines - congruence in more distant contexts
  • different congruence relationships, to provide for:
    • items that have different contents in different places, ie instances of a categorical relationship, like "ken/siblings - lisa, susan" vs "lisa/siblings - ken, susan"
    • synchronization regimes - lock-step identical, derivative branch, tight/close vs. loose/far, etc
    • access privileges
  • examples:
    • PIM
    • organizational information manager - collaborative story/plan/tracking development

monetizing based on congruence synchronization traffic metering