Playing With Blocks

Exhibit some addon stuff (including this page description with formatted text , situated in multiple places including complex containers, with some footnotes )


Omit color block and use label decorations for similar purposes (with as little or much elaboration as the circumstances require!)

#2 Including this block mysteriously inhibits effects of other …

Maybe color block would ok if we inhibit inclusion of it in column block?

Label works fine for distiguishing words and doesn't have

Problems and Hints

Type text…

Method to nest varying list types

Need to use highlight menu to change list type of nested list.

Trying to use text gestures (leading "*" or "1.") to change type of leading entry of a nested list changes the containing list to a non-list.

Using the highlight menu to change the nested list type does not have this problem.

Table blocks cells can contain only text.

Workaround: Use bunches of column blocks when needing tabular layout with elaborate contents functionality.

"Bunches" for alignment of leading elements with following elements.

Footnotes usage is non-obvious

Report this.

Add footnote

  1. Use highlighted-text menu to assign a footnote entry to a text fragment.
  2. Use the right sidebar "Footnote entry" menu to:
    1. Create new footnote text by typing it and hitting the "Create..." button that appears below the typed text
    2. or assign an existing footnote text to the footnote reference.

Change footnote

  1. Place cursor in the footnote reference text fragment.
  2. Select the footnote icon in menu that appears above the cursor to open the footnote sidebar dialog.

Remove footnote

Like changing the footnote, but use the "X" in the footnote sidebar dialog to remove the footnote.

List blocks lack handle to add a new block below.

This is resolved by the new, not yet released slate "+" mechanism, which has a "+" at the mid bottom of every block.

Changing outline list element types breaks

Table of Contents block doesn't include headers nested within block containers.

#15 Fails to include headers in blocks that are nested within ot…

Columns block initial layout selection is disregarded.

A 50-50 layout is used regardless of what you select.

Block copy provisions are obscure.

Report this.

  1. Every block type should include a method to copy the block as a unit.
    • The duplication procedure in container types can pass the operation to contained blocks.
  2. Every block menu should include a "copy" and a paste choice.
  • This may be a case where only offering the choice to immediately "Make a copy" makes more sense. I am not sure one way or the other.
  • But some way to duplicate any block, and its contents, is needed.

Experimenting With Headers

Volto recognizes some pasted headers and the standard Table of Contents block also recognizes some, but there are discrepancies. The Header Block provides a means to create some headers, but (as of Aug 2023) without anchors to receive the links that the ToC Block creates for them. The HTML Block can be used to create the links, but for which ones do we need to do that? The experiments below suss out some of that.

Regular H

Regular h

Heading block 3

Works and gets in ToC, but I need to manually create anchors (using HTML block) for ToC links! )-:

Woo Hoo: Heading block level 4!

HTML H4 pasted

Might as well do a heading level 5.


Heading level 2 with HTML, lacking some of the features.




  1. Different footnotes in different instantiations of the description