Info about the site implementation and tips for getting around.

On most site pages including this one:

  • Links that take you to other sites are suffixed with a faded "↗" upper-right pointing arrow.
  • The Navigation bar at top of the page progressively expands to show links to all pages on the site.
    • (The mechanism is a work-in-progress implemented by me.)
    • On smaller screens like mobile the navigation menus are revealed if you click the upper-right hamburger menu.
  • The upper right of most page's content area has one or two shaded boxes that you can click to show neighboring or contained pages.
  • Pages with sections headers have a table of contents on the upper right above the shaded boxes.
  • Use the "Search Site" box on upper right to find pages that have matches for text searches.
  • There's a page with a site map. There's a link to it at the bottom of every page.
  • There's lots of linking between pages