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Motivating Development Experiences

by Ken Manheimer last modified Aug 09, 2011 03:33 PM
things i've developed that bring me to this

mailman - umbrella lists

an experimental idea that i included in mailman when i was from an abandoned prototype into a production system. i was running and the "Python Software Activity" (both of which i helped start) at the time. dc-ci and ci-announce mailing lists both on because that's where i created them, while i was developing mailman (the other was mailman-users, and not too long after mailman-developers - eat your own dogfood). they're still running there today.  i eventually created ci-announce as an umbrella for dc-ci and other regional lists.  the success of that arrangement was limited - only dc-ci branches from it now, and it's used for individual subscriptions, as well, and members include several central ci practitioners.

contact improvisation scopes

  • dc-ci (local - i have centrally tended the dc jam for 10 to 20 years, and maintain web pages, teach, run the dc-ci mailing list, etc),
  • east coast jam (regional - i do all the technical support, run the website, arranged registration using google spreadsheet forms + paypal, provide mailing list outreach using mailman),
  • ci36 (international - i supported the satellite events stuff and the general communications)
  • mailing list - which includes satellite list


cvs knitting

some zope modules belong in multiple places, with checkin notices of concern to various constituencies/mailing lists

issue trackers

similarly, issue trackers - interconnections needed for problems and fixes that had wider impact

overlap between trackers, cvs, and wiki

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