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Communication is Intelligence

by Ken Manheimer last modified Jul 27, 2023 11:59 AM
Communication is a medium for and the substance of intelligence.

This is a preliminary draft of some ideas on which I depend.

I consider "intelligence" to be organized connections between chunks of information.  That holds whether we're using "intelligence" to mean an individual's smarts or we're using "intelligence" to refer to a commodity, like "military intelligence" or "industrial intelligence". Communication, whether it is between people or within an individual, is a form of connecting and conveying info about connections between information. It is connecting together information in ways that are useful within some context. It is a medium for individual and collective intelligence.

("Subject verb noun" tells about a connection between subject and noun.) (Connections being communicated are, themselves, bits of information, and can be communicated about.)

By this perspective, I consider collaboration between people to be a kind of artificial intelligence, where the participants and the facilities for communication between them constitute the platform. Just as communication and associations within an individual is intelligence. (How Does "I" Happen?)

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