Communication is Intelligence

    I suppose that communication is a medium and the substance of intelligence. I depend on that notion. This page is a work-in-progress marking some ideas about this notion.

    I consider "intelligence" to be organized connections between chunks of information.  That holds whether we're using "intelligence" to mean an individual's smarts, or the insight of a group, or we're using "intelligence" to refer to a commodity like "military intelligence" or "industrial intelligence". If intelligence is, as I suggest, the organization of the connections between details, and communication is a medium for conveying and connecting details, then communication is intelligence. (That doesn't mean that every communication is smart, just as any organization of details can be misguided to any degree. I'm using the term "intelligence" here to talk about organization of information as a principle, not the quality of that organization.)

    ("Subject verb noun" tells about a connection between subject and noun.) (Connections being communicated are, themselves, bits of information, and can be communicated about.)

    By this perspective, I consider collaboration between people to be a kind of artificial intelligence, where the participants and the facilities for communication between them constitute the platform. Just as communication and associations within an individual is intelligence. (How Does "I" Happen?)