Zope Bug Trackers

A mainstay for development collaboration, I built the Zope Collector and it was used for at least 6 years as the bug collector for numerous Zope community and corporate projects.

The Collector

I created another mainstay collaboration tool used extensively within the Zope community, the Zope CMF collector.

I developed as an outcropping of a project to acquaint myself with the then-forming Zope CMF, Zope's content management framework, and to replace an ad-hoc, rudimentary tool (also called "the collector"). The CMF Collector was another central component of Zope Corp and the Zope community's development collaboration tools, used to manage products in most of the other prominent Zope-based content management frameworks, as well.

As with most of my other collaboation-tool efforts, i conducted collector development in public view (using the Zope community WikiForNow-based fishbowl process), and used the collector for managing its own bug reports as soon as it was viable.

From 2002 to around 2007, the collector was been used for most of Zope Corp and the zope.org community's public and customer-facing bug tracking.