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Online Movement Collaboration

by Ken Manheimer last modified Sep 19, 2020 05:37 PM
During the COVID-19 quarantine I've been exploring ways to maintain the skills and enjoyment of sharing movement, online. Here are some things I've been discovering, including activities that you can join.

Movement exploration can be more immediately and thoroughly engaging than so many more abstract pastimes, but it can take some diligence to keep it fresh and vital. One of the great benefits of collaborative movement (like Contact Improvisation, authentic movement, and other collaborative improvisational movement scores) is the rich and evocative dimensionality of engaging with others. Over many years of exploring and enjoying these practices I've found no other recreation that is near as satisfying. In this time of COVID-19 social distancing (and also when so much recreation is so physically passive, like TV watching and web browsing) I yearn to continue to enjoy these practices, and also to continue to maintain and even develop further the skills I cultivate in these practices. My focus has centered on a combination of finding inspiration in solo movement and in exploring ways to collaboratively move with others through online connections. I'm going to use this section of my website to describe some of the activities in which I've been involved, and to organize coordination of some of the activities for others to join in.


What I find works well

Online collaboration of any kind requires careful attention. That's all the more so when the collaboration is around some kind of shared physical coordination. The activities which work for me tend to be organized specifically to provide time and focus for deep attention seem, so I've gravitated particularly to scores organized around contemplative practices. That's actually an inherent starting place for Authentic Movement, which I've found to have the easiest transition to online sharing. Here are some of the other structures which I've found satisfying, stemming from an adaptation I concocted of Barbara Dilleys Contemplative Dance Practice.

An Online Contemplative Movement Score
I've been delighted with the kind of presence and connecting that I've been finding with the people who have joined for an online adaptation I've composed of Barbara Dilley's Contemplative Dance Practice, which I call online Contemplative Movement.
Daily meditation and personal movement practice (links coming soon)
A friend had the idea to take the first two sections of that score – meditation and personal movement – and have a regular evening practice that is basically simply that. I'm going to soon post a description of that activity along with links to a coordination facility for people interested in participating.
Finding Inspiration in Solo Movement Through Exploration of Changing Balance
This fits well with an exploration of solo moving that I've been exploring for a long time, and finally took the opportunity
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