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Platform Details

by admin last modified Jan 06, 2012 07:57 PM
This site is built on the Zope/Plone content management system, with various extensions.

This site is built and maintained by Ken Manheimer. The platform is Plone, a freely-available, open source content management system designed for using the web to develop and manage dynamically changing websites. (I have been involved in the development of Zope, an open source web application server on which Plone is based, and all that in turn is mostly built on top of Python, an open source programming language which in which I have played a small role.)

The site was developed on a Plone 3.3.5 installation I installed and maintained in July of 2010, and subsequently migrated to Plone 4. The theme style and layout, graphics, and the site content are all by me - most of the graphics are copies of hand-drawn chalk pastels, digitized and sometimes digitally tweaked.

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