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Site Navigation Tips

by admin last modified Jul 18, 2011 07:09 PM

The site is full of navigation aids to help you find your way around.

Navigation Aids

  • Site Search is your friend!  The search box on the upper right shows matches as you type. For more control, hit the search button and use the advanced knobs on the search results page.
  • At the top of the right-hand sidebar is an expandable navigation map. The triangles mark containers, expanding or collapsing the list of contained elements when you click them.
  • Just below the site banner is a navigation bar showing the site's major sections. If you hover your mouse pointer over a section (except for Home), the contents of that section will appear.
  • Below the expandable navigation map is a current list of recently edited pages, so you can see what has been most recently changed, and when. The bottom of that box has a link to the full list of recent changes.
  • Many page with sections contain tables of contents, with clickable links to the section headings.

Questions or suggestions?  Please let me know using the contact form.

Some Frequently Visited Pages

  • How Tough is Chuck Norris? - a compendium of Chuck Norris jokes, for which I have a weakness
  • Allout - an outliner I develop that's part of the Emacs programming editor
  • Quotes Collection - an extensive compendium of quotes, organized in a semi-coherent way
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