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by Ken Manheimer last modified Jan 05, 2012 12:08 PM
Here are accounts of my work history and career goals.

I have been doing professional software-development related work since 1985, always with strong elements of systems maintenance and support mixed in. I have worked on the technical staff of a government applied/standards research laboratory, an independent internet research lab, a small open-source based web applications and content management firm, and also done freelance web applications and content management work. I have been centrally responsible, both solely and in cooperation with others, for the development and maintenance of several widely-used, lasting systems, particularly systems that support group coordination and communication in various ways.

My duties often have involved substantial systems support of tools that I created, and also participation in various kinds of communities that used those tools, as well as conducting broad ranging collaboration with various constituencies, like consulting clients, systems development collaborators and communities, and cooperating local and regional activity groups.

The following describe this professional work.

Title Description
Curriculum Vitae Ken Manheimer is a software systems developer and coordinator with extensive experience in application and systems analysis, design, development, integration, administration, and operation.
Work Concentrations The various focuses of my professional efforts.
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